Researcher: Sony Hack Was Likely an Inside Job by a Woman Named "Lena"

It's been weeks since the unprecedented Sony hack was first made public, and still no one—not the FBI, or the White House, or Santa Claus—has publicly provided solid evidence that North Korea was behind the attack. But if not Pyongyang—who? One team of computer security experts has a compelling counter-theory: Sony…

How The Interview Performed Against Sony's Leaked Internal Projections

The ongoing saga of North-Korea comedy The Interview—cancelled, un-cancelled, and finally released onlineseemed to enter its final stages yesterday, when Sony announced that the film had grossed $15 million from online sales and rentals, to go along with $2.85 in box office revenue. This is being hailed as a success


The Natalie Portman-Ryan Seacrest Gaza Strip Reply-All Chain from Hell

I freaking promise you that whatever debate over current events you get trapped in this holiday season will not be as bad as a reply-all chain argument about the Gaza Strip, featuring Russell Simmons, sent to Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Ryan Seacrest. And I can promise you that because I have seen one.